"Zombies Everywhere"  by Shorty B

"A vivid storyteller that focuses on the art of entertainment."

If this is in the parody genre, then I get it. There were a lot of moments when I laughed out loud. In the current hip hop climate, the topic of "walking dead" here is a hard sell. But if anything, it was entertaining. There hasn't been a "Weird Al" type of artist in the hip hop space so that would be something that could be very successful.

I will say though that the production was different and stood out to me. It was very fitting for the subject matter. You also told a story that I was able to follow from start to finish, and hip hop is a genre where storytelling is very valuable.

Kim Osorio
Music journalist/Former Editor In Chief Of The Source, TV personality, Writer/Producer, Author and media executive.

“Fun Hip Hop with a great groove!”

The material has a funny side to it - and the beat and the rapping are outstanding. The lyrics to "Zombies Everywhere" kept me interested, as I wanted to see where the song/story went. Nice work Shorty!

Gene Foley
Foley Entertainment
Shorty B is a rap artist, songwriter and producer from southern Indiana.  Shorty B became interested in rap after listening to Eminem and began writing her own beats and lyrics.  Having tried other genres, she felt that rap was the best avenue yet for her creative expression.